Fucked by the Lake Monster 2: What Cums Next?

Fucked by the Lake Monster 2: What Cums Next?

The new story is available on Smashwords.com, click here and use this coupon code:  BZ46F to get it for free through Sunday!

Later today it should also be available on Amazon.com and BN.com.


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June 14, 2012 · 7:03 am

Bukkake Brawl

Book review time!

Bukkake Brawl

Made in DNA

242 pages

Bukkake Brawl is not for the squeamish. As the title says, the book is fighting and extreme sex. It’s like Fight Club, but where women fight guys, and when a woman loses she gets fucked. A lot.

Even though it’s all kinds of gross it is still lots and lots of fun. I’m not saying I’d want to be in a ring kicking horny guys asses and hoping not to become their cum receptacle if I lost, but it’s a fun read!

It’s also so cool that the author wrote this whole book as a series of tweets. That kind of thing and all the cyber-punk bits added to my over all enjoyment of the book and sometimes even made me forget to the huge ewwwww factor of some of the scenes.

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Snowballin’: I Fucked Frosty

My BFF has also written some monster smut!  It’s available on Smashwords and it should be available on Amazon and BN by this weekend!  The awesome cover design was done by moi, with her input and image choices.  I think the cover and the words inside the cover are wonderful and you should read it so you can agree with me!


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Upcoming stories

I wanted to have the second part of the Lake Monster series up by the end of this week, but some unforeseen accidents have waylaid my ability type very well.  Hopefully in the next week or so it will be done.  The second part is probably going to be more humorous than ‘dirty’.  I don’t know what the third part will be like, I keep having dark thoughts about how to wind up the story but I’m not sure if how that will go over.  

I’m also going to start a story soon about a gal who only gets off when guys prematurely get-off and shoot on her thighs.  Hot, right?  Every girls fantasy!  Tentatively it’s going to be called, “Cum on my Thigh!”



Keep an eye out for that these!

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Fucked by the Lake Monster!

Is available now from Smashwords.com!!!!!  I’m not positive the formatting is all perfect, and I’m a little scared to check it right now, but it’s up and any mistakes will be fixed in the next couple of days

Get it here:  https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/165474

From <I>Fucked by the Lake Monster</I>

Cassie felt like she was being watched.  She knew she was alone, though.  No one else was anywhere near her family’s camp.  There was never anyone out here this time of year.  The late summer, when vacationers have packed up their things, winter proofed their cabins and gone back to where they live the rest of the year.  Places like New York City and Boston.  Albany and Syracuse.  As fall was setting in even locals didn’t head out to this part of the Lake too often.  It was the when Cassie liked best to visit, to make one last trip for the year and swim in the chilling lake.

She knew she was alone, but she still felt like someone was watching her.  Not that she would mind if she were being watched.  She liked it when people noticed her, and even the thought of some stranger having come upon this desolate part of Lake Champlain’s shore and seeing her floating naked in the water caused a quiver of excitement to run through her.

She’d been watched many times before while she swam naked at night in the lake.  She enjoyed knowing someone was watching, and if the person was bold enough to make the first move she also enjoyed doing a lot more than just being watched in the cool waters of the lake.  I’ve been fucked so many times over the years in this lake, she thought to herself.  So many years it felt like she’d been using this lake as her own personal pleasure vista.   Even though Cassie was only twenty-one she felt like it had been longer than eight summers since she had first lost her virginity probably just a few feet from where she was floating now. It was difficult to tell exactly where she had lost her cherry.   There had been a lot of moving around in the water that night.  Before that night she had never thought that fucking and swimming could so seamlessly be combined.  Since that night they were inextricably linked in her mind.

Now she sometimes fantasized synchronized water copulation (because it would have to have a cleaner term than fucking, she knew) was an Olympic Event.  She would be a gold medalist for sure.  There might be a lot of competition, but she knew she’d be up for as much practice was needed to make perfect.  Fuck yeah, she thought, I could be a gold medalist.

Fantasies of Olympic caliber fucking ran through her head, she thought of the millions of NBC viewers who would be tuning in to watch her take two, three, fuck if you’re going to fantasize make it count girl!! six men in a chlorinated Olympic sized swimming pool.  A pool full of hard cocks just waiting to be fucked till the pool’s water would look like the last bit of milk in an almost emptied bowl of cereal.

She pictured the video about her life that would be run prior to the routine that would win her and her country the honor of a Olympic gold.  She would tell the interviewer about her childhood, about growing up.  She would wait until this video to drop the bombshell on the public.  Everyone would have assumed that she was just an all-around nymphomaniac fucking anyone, anywhere. anytime.  She would be so good that people would assume that she was the type of girl who took random guys into K-Mart dressing rooms and gave them something to think about for the rest of their lives.  She would drop the bombshell that she didn’t like fucking if it wasn’t in water.  That classmates had teased her for being a frigid, for not knowing how to have a good time when everyone was at some house party in high school or out in the woods drinking Natty Ice around a fire while couples went off into the surrounding darkness for various carnal pleasures.  She had went to these parties and never felt the urge to join her friends, to do what they were doing.   She would sit nursing her beer, her legs pulled up tight in front of her as if she were guarding her virginity, even though she suspected she’d lost it long before any of her friends.

She would get a bit teary eyed when she recounted a story about how she had been made fun of for being a virgin in the school cafeteria one day in her Junior year, all because she hadn’t wanted to join her friends in a rainbow party with the guys from the Future Businesspersons of America Club.  They were so heartless!

“They laughed, and then more people laughed, and soon the band girls with their bad teeth, flat chest and fat asses were laughing at me and it hurt so much, because, because I never told anyone but I wasn’t a virgin, I wasn’t frigid, I was a better fuck than any of them, but, (sniffles turn to a full on waterfall of tears now), we lived in a totally landlocked town!”

But she would show them all, and there would be a parade in her honor down the main street, and everyone would come out to see her.  Flags would be waving.  She would be sitting on top of the back seat of a Cadalliac convertible waving to the crowds.  Her gold medal around her neck and her short skirt hiked up and free of panties so that everyone could get a glimpse of the quim that brought home the gold!  There would be hard and proud cocks pushing against the front of pants as she drove past.  Straight women’s panties would be getting soaked, because she was that hot and her Olympic performance that amazing.

Olympic dreams started to give way to a montage of people, men, boys, women, girls she had fucked in the shallow waters of Lake Champlain.  Her brain running a “best of “episode of her sex life for her own personal enjoyment.  While thoughts of past conquests drifted through her head she found herself swimming out onto the floating platform twenty feet from shore.  Cassie pulled herself out of the water.  Her wet naked body seeming to glow from where the light of the moon illuminated her like a cosmic spotlight.  Laying back onto the platform, her legs still dangling in the water she arched her back and started to use both her hands to take full advantage of the masterful scenes being played out in her head.  She complimented herself on what an awesome director she was, she couldn’t imagine anyone making a better selection than the one she had running in her head now.  Cassie’s right hand worked furiously on her clit, as if she were trying to rub it away like some unwanted stain.  Anyone watching might think, “shit this is painful”, but it’s the way she liked to treat herself, the heat of friction adding to her arousal, knowing that when she got herself literally too hot to handle she could drop into the lake for the added sensation of the cool water giving a sharp jolt.  The shock of the chilly water on her steaming clit never failed to give her memorable orgasms.  Her left hand worked on her tight and wet pussy, pushing her fingers in and out with the suction of her moistness making slurpy squishy popping sounds as she worked first one, then more fingers into herself until the walls of her vag were clamped around her whole fist, shuddering and twitching as she came over and over again.  But like a true athlete, she didn’t stop, she pushed on until she exploded with juices that squirted out of her and threatened to raise the level of the lake to dangerous levels.

Cassie was about to let herself slide into the water, to finish off her orgasms with what promised to be the biggest and best one.  She willed herself to slide into the water when she felt something large, wet and cold in between her legs and nudging her back onto the dock.

She knew she was no longer alone.

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Champy: Fact of Fiction?

Paranormal Encyclopedia Entry on the Lake Champlain Monster.




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The novella is done!

This is sooooooooo freaking exciting!  I have finished my novella.  It’s only 4,000 words, but it’s done and I rock!  It’s about a girl named Cassie and the Lake Monster that some people say lives in Lake Champlain named Champy.  It’s sexy as all hell and I think you’re going to love it!







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